What could we do if we weren’t afraid?

I had a dream last night that I was climbing a cliff. I could look over my shoulder and see a vast panorama behind me. I was more than half-way up but I’d stopped climbing. I was looking up trying to find a route to take to get to the next ledge but none of the possibilities seemed safe. I couldn’t climb down and I couldn’t climb up. I was frozen in place. Meanwhile I could see the sun sinking lower in the sky and the shadows lengthening. I knew I couldn’t possibly climb in the dark but I was stuck there with the seconds ticking away.

Have you ever felt that way? You are OK where you are for a while but you know that you need to climb higher to succeed and time is against you? Yet somehow you keep turning away from the challenge because you’re afraid to fall?

When I was around fifteen I read a book called “Dune” by Frank Herbert. You may not be a Sci-Fi fan, but there was something I took from that book that I still use to this day.  It might help you.  The main character had a mantra he used when he was afraid.  If I remember correctly he called it “The Litany Against Fear.” I memorized it then and have used it countless times when I felt fearful whether it was sitting in the dentist’s chair or ripping up our roots and driving across the country to start a new business.

It calms my nerves, clears my head and lets me face the challenge I’m facing. I’d like to share it with you because I think we all have moments when we need it.

Take three long deep breaths and try to move the scary things out of your mind. Then recite this slowly, listening to the words and feeling the fear move past. You’ll be surprised.

I shall not fear. Fear is the mindkiller.

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear. I will allow it to pass over me and through me.

When it has passed, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where it has gone, there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.

Thanks, Frank. I’m ready.

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