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In the past few months we have seen a dramatic increase in firearm sales across the United States. The state of Washington has had an influx of new gun owners. Thurston County alone issued over 800 Concealed Carry permits in December 2015. For whatever reason – be it threats from the government toward gun owners, to the news media covering every terrorist event in great detail, or simply a growing desire to take part in the sport of shooting – one thing is clear, there are a lot of gun owners here in the Northwest.

Americans have the right, under the second amendment, to own and bear arms; but there is a difference between our rights and our responsibilities. The responsibilities of firearm owners are to know how to safely and properly use, care for, and store their firearm. While there are many gun stores for people to exercise their right to purchase firearms, there are very few places where people can be educated on firearm safety and techniques.

Enter Troubleshooter Tactical.

The term troubleshooter comes from the 90s dot com boom. It describes someone who uses technology to solve problems and create solutions. At Troubleshooter Tactical, we use technology to provide a safe solution for those who want to begin or enhance their firearm knowledge and expertise. We utilize many forms of technology in our training; a firearm simulator, laser pistol trainers, gyroscopic calibration devices, and infrared tracking. These tools give the instructors the ability to pinpoint areas a student needs to work on, and they provide the students an incredible amount of feedback, never before available in traditional firearm education. Using the latest in firearm education technology allows the instructors at Troubleshooter Tactical the ability to offer the most advanced, most effective, and safest training available.

Troubleshooter LLC was born in the fall of 2015, owned and operated by Mat von Ehrenkrook and Dale Elliott.





Mat is a former youth pastor of over 13 years. He is a long-time firearm enthusiast and more recently, a competitive shooter. Mat is responsible for the maintenance of the technology you will encounter with Troubleshooter; he is the tech-head, designing graphics for the business and marketing their online presence. Mat is also a licensed NRA instructor; his approach to teaching is to impart knowledge while having fun with the class.

Dale is a former US Marine, Undercover Narcotics Officer, SWAT Team Leader and Instructor, and Police Officer. He served 25 years in law enforcement, many of those years with Thurston County Sheriff’s Department. Dale is a licensed NRA instructor as well, but brings a lifetime of real world experience and knowledge to the organization.

Together, Mat and Dale are looking at reshaping the world of firearms education, and the gun culture as a whole.

Currently, Troubleshooter Tactical holds classes at local event halls and conference rooms; and they teach everything from basic pistol classes to advanced firearm techniques. But firearm education is just one piece of the pie for Troubleshooter Tactical. They are actively seeking to open a facility in the Northwest where their bigger vision can be realized.

The three main focuses of this facility will be Mindset, Skillset, and Toolset:


Mindset is the understanding and education necessary for proper and safe firearm ownership and manipulation. The future Troubleshooter Tactical facility will offer immersive training for beginner to advanced shooters, covering the gamut of hunter’s education to personal protection.


Skillset is the practice of theories learned in an effort to obtain proficiency. The future

Troubleshooter Tactical facility will have both virtual and live ranges to work on your skills and practice your firearm techniques. Because the second amendment is for all, our facility will be open to the public.


Toolset is important, but it can be hard to know what works best for you. There are many tools available and we want to offer you the best ones to meet your personal needs. The future Troubleshooter Tactical facility will be dealing in some of the best firearms and firearms-related gear on the market today.

These three disciplines are what drives the future Troubleshooter Tactical location. A great retail shop, an inviting and relaxed classroom, and an advanced training area for any and all who want to be responsible firearm owners. More than a gunshot, more than a range, more than a training facility; Troubleshooter will be your one-stop Firearms Resource Center.

If you would like to invest in this vision, or want to know more about Troubleshooter Tactical, or even sign up for a class, visit us online at

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  1. What a great concept. No more having to waste dollars on Ammo while training. I’ve also heard their simulator is portable, therefore you could have it set up in your garage for a bachelor party or entertainment with some friends. But the practical use is to learn more hands-on training and handgun safety.
    I’ve heard from a number of my female friends, who have taken their “Women’s Defense” class, how much more confidence they now have. I appreciate what these guys are doing and hope that the community will as well.

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