The Path to Your Dream, is the Work in Front of You

Below is an excerpt from The Path to Your Dream, is the Work in Front of You, written by Daniel Sabo, pastor of Woodland Church in Lacey, Washington. Be sure to read the full post here!


“I am a dreamer. I love to sit and think about what could be, what might be some day, what is becoming, and what has never been done. I want to be witness to, part of, and a supporter of things/people/movements/organizations that make a notable and massive difference.

I have been this way for as long as I can remember, but I have been vocal about it most of my adult life. I am also a detail person, so I am fully aware of the steps, obstacles, and challenges in front of such realities. Because of these two seemingly conflicting parts of my being, the dreamer and the process parts of me, I have come up with this little saying to explain how it works on the inside.

I am hopelessly optimistic, and I am constantly disappointed… and I’m okay with that, because next time, maybe it will be different…” Keep Reading…

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