Support Seniors Today!

STARS is Mason & Thurston county’s only adult day care and a vital resource for older adults and seniors who need daily support!

To receive $10,000, we need to raise at least $5,000 by tomorrow night!! Help Seniors thrive today!

STARS is important to people like Mary and Jack and their son Toni who all have benefited from STARS being available to them. Both Jack and Toni attend STARS on different days of the week giving Mary time with each of them but also some respite to do the things she likes to do. While Toni is in STARS Jack and Mary take time to volunteer at the Thurston County Food Bank. Jack helps with portioning bulk goods with other volunteers while Mary does other volunteer duties. Jack has even made friends at the Food Bank who like to hear his stories of growing up on the farm.

STARS features activities centered on physical well-being, cognitive stimulation, social interaction, and enjoyment of life. Each day has a number of activities including gentle exercises, walking outings, nutritionally well-balanced snacks and lunchtime meal. Other activities include bowling, target ball, bean-bag toss and simple, but fun pastimes.
222 Columbia St NW, Olympia, WA 98501 – 360-586-6181

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