RelyLocal South Sound

You may have seen a RelyLocal South Sound sticker in some windows around town. That’s because they recognize and promote locally-owned businesses. It’s kind of their thing!

RelyLocal South Sound is all about local economy and doing whatever it takes to see it grow. They lend a hand to the “little guys”, the “mom and pops” of the South Sound area by offering marketing through their online directory, social media, and SEO.

If you’re passionate about shopping local, you can visit their site to see members who are locally owned in the South Sound. The sticker in the window is sort of like a local “seal of approval.”

If you own a local business and are looking for a little extra marketing push, RelyLocal is there for you. Membership fees are crazy low ($299 a year) and you get to be part of an important local initiative!

Be sure to check out or check them out on instagram @_relylocalsouthsound!

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