Old and New

old truck

Driving by I see a tree growing out of the hood of an old rusted truck sitting in a field

I think something new comes from something old

An elderly couple from church gives me a backpack for school that they traveled with

I think something new to me comes from something used

The world turns, kindness flows and the Earth renews

Seeds are planted, rain falls and the sun shines

Plants grow, seeds spread and everything can be green

Covered with life

Life that has a cycle

Born to live, live to learn and learn to pass on knowledge

Knowledge for our children, knowledge for the new generations and growth for our humanity

The cycle comes around to a circle that ends and starts again

Something new comes from something old

autism speaks

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Elizabeth Williams About Elizabeth Williams

I am a single mother and a full time student at Saint Martin's University majoring in Accounting. Most of my time is spent studying, parenting, doing house work and Tae Kwon Do with my six year old son.
I have been writing poetry as a creative outlet since my young teen years. I also performed ballet and jazz for ten years and played the trombone for 5 while growing up. My music tastes are very eclectic. I enjoy writing in free verse with metaphors. This blog is the first public show of my work.
I am also inspired to take amateur pictures of nature and family. Some of these are posted with some of my poetry. I hope to inspire people and touch them with my words.

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