Lower your blood pressure with DASH


Your diet affects your chances of high blood pressure or hypertension. Research indicates that HBP can be prevented and even lowered by following the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) plan, which involves limiting sodium.

The DASH eating plan is focused on vegetables, fruits, low-fat milk and milk products, fish, whole grains, poultry, beans, nuts, and seeds. It’s about limiting salt; desserts, added sugars, and sugary beverages; unhealthy fats; and red meats far more than the typical American diet. This heart-healthy lifestyle is also lower in cholesterol, trans and saturated fat, and is high in nutrients that are associated with lowering blood pressure—mainly potassium,  calcium, fiber , magnesium and protein.

Making good choices today could mean healthier tomorrow! Consider these and more healthy eating habits to live a longer, more fulfilling life! Let’s get healthy, South Sound!

Visit DASH Eating to learn more!

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  1. Abracadabravideo says:

    @CVLC Thank you for the warm words the feeling is mutual! I think your observations on the car are spot on. During our conversation and viewing, it did remind me of a few items that had not been addressed here in the auction write-up dash cap, oil leak, and hatch struts. The dash cap is indeed a pretty good one, I think that is why I forgot about it when listing the flaws! I assume 100% that the dash is cracked underneath the cap. The engine oil leak I do not know the source. I”ve had the car almost 2 months at my shop now (carpet in the showroom), and I have noticed a dime size drip on the pan every couple weeks when I clean drip pans. Rear hatch struts are tired and ready for replacement. Overall I love the color combo, and the fact that it is a very approachable car for someone that wants to drive and fiddle with a few projects. It is not going to win the local PCA Concours event, but it will win your smile when driving. 😉

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