Lacey History – This Week 2000

Lacey History This Week 2000

Customer service at the Lacey Post Office was on the minds of many people this week in 2000.   The Lacey Chamber of Commerce has asked for better service and quicker response time.   It has threatened to picket the post office if service doesn’t improve.  Recently, due to growth, the postal service added two new ZIP Codes to Lacey – 98513 and 98516.

Kite Boy and Kite Girl are the newest elements in Lacey’s efforts to bring public art to the community and to signify where the city begins.  Nancy, the Kite Girl was put in place in April, but her brother, Jimmy, the Kite Boy has yet to find a permanent home.   The first choice for a home for Jimmy is Sleater Kinney at I-5.  The second choice location is on College Street near city hall.  (The city opted to place Jimmy on Sleater Kinney.)

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About Ken Balsley

For more than 20 years I was a Democratic Precinct Committeeman. One day I looked up from trying to make a living and saw that my party had deserted me. I was standing in the middle and my party was heading towards the left. I took a look at the Republican party and found that it was too far to the right. What could I do? I was stuck in the middle.
Since that time my political bent has stabilized. It contains some elements of the old Democratic party. It contains some elements of populism and it contains some elements of libertarianism. When it comes to national defense it can also contain some elements of nationalism.
My political philosophy can be sumed up with the comment “I’m against the Big Five.” The Big Five are Big Business, Big Labor, Big Media, Big Religion and Big Government. As long as these five bigs are in relative strength against each other, then everything is generally alright with the country. But when one of them gains too much power and begins to overwhelm the others, then we have problems.
My goal is to point out when one or the other of the big five has increased its power and explain how that affects those of us just trying to eke out a living.
I have a secondary goal. I also like to educate and inform, particularly as it relates to the history of our community.

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