Join Us In Honoring The Fallen This Memorial Day

It has been six-and-a-half years since my husband CPT John Hallett was killed in Afghanistan. My children, then 3-years, 1-year, and 3-weeks old, are no longer babies. We are a happy, healthy, adjusted family.

But, each night, before my children go to bed, they ask to hear a Daddy story. We no longer create new Daddy stories, and, as time stretches since John was killed, it becomes harder to recall these memories. I find myself telling the familiar tales, worn and retold like an old, beloved book.

Sometimes, I tell them about John the hero: how fiercely he loved his Soldiers; in the face of adversity, how he always chose the right. Sometimes I tell them about the everyday stuff: how he loved Jack in the Box; the pile of garbage in the front seat of his car; how he could fall asleep anywhere, to include while driving. But their favorite stories always include them and the fleeting moments they had with their daddy: John teaching Jackson how to write his name; John dancing with Bryce to Johnny Cash. It gets trickier to have stories for the baby who never met her daddy.

While the ending to John’s story always seems to loom close to the surface, there is a way for this book to continue. It depends on family, friends, fellow military, and patriots giving voice to his narrative. We do this by sharing his stories, but also writing new chapters, inspired and driven by John’s passion, values, and spirit. I need these stories to keep John alive and present for his children. The same is true for all of our fallen heroes.

This Memorial Day, let the steps of your run drive how you remember our fallen heroes. Say their names. Share their stories. Laugh. Cry. Remember. And live. They depend on us to continue the chapters of their books.

Only hours from this hallowed day, please, commit to run, say the name of a fallen hero, and allow his or her story to continue:

Commit your miles at http://www. memorial-day. If you do not have a fallen service member to honor with your steps, wear blue will provide a hero match.

On Memorial Day, say the name of your fallen hero.

Then run.  Walk.  While taking purposeful steps, proclaim the stories of your hero with each of your steps. I invite you to write the name of your honored hero on the attached image, and share on social media with friends and family.

Wear Blue
Our story is not the fairy tale we thought it would be, but it is complicated and beautiful, and continues because you remember. Thank you for running in blue, and always remembering, especially on this hallowed Memorial Day.

Lisa Hallett
Co-Founder and President
wear blue: run to remember

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