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Below is an excerpt from Pastor Daniel Sabo of Woodland Church. Click here to read the full blog post.

“At church the last couple weeks we’ve been taking about how God is our Provider, but sometimes the way He provides, isn’t exactly what we’ve been expecting.

One of the pictures that has helped me the most in this conversation is the difference between an answered prayer in seed form, or in bread form.

Sometimes when God answers our prayer, He simply gives us exactly what we need. For example, we are hungry, and God gives us bread. Sometimes however, God gives us something that will meet our need, as well as meet future needs for us and for others. For example, we find ourselves hungry, and God gives us a seed to plant, that will produce much fruit for years to come. Enough for us, and enough for others.

Both are answered prayers, one meets an immediate need today with little effort on our part, and one meets multiple future needs, but it only comes when it is partnered with some effort on our part.”

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