City Gates Ministry Highlight

City Gates strives to help those who need a hand up to get on their feet again. Thanks to volunteers and generous donors of in-kind gifts and financial assistance, they are able to help those in need with food, furniture, clothing, guidance, and more. They currently serve over 500 people every month through various programs.

Check out ways to get involved:

Albertsons Harvest Fundraiser

This is a very important fundraiser that supplies commodities for clients in distress all year long. As a volunteer you can provide incoming store customers a shopping list of items. They can choose which items to purchase and donate them to City Gates when they leave the store (3520 Pacific Ave SE, Olympia).

  • November 1st through December 24th.
  • 2-3 hour shifts 7 days a week between 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • 2-3 person volunteers at a time works well.

Christmas Sponsorship

Like to sponsor a needy family this year? We will set up the teams who are interested with families needing help for Christmas. City Gates would supply the families contact information, names, gender, needs and circumstance. City Gates will supply food for the sponsored family.

  • City Gates will be accepting calls for assistance beginning the week of November.
  • All families needing assistance with Christmas will be personally interviewed before being accepted into the program.
  • Sponsor would deliver the food with the gifts.
  • Great way to build long term relationships while blessing a needy family.

Food Delivery

Pick up Location: 4107 Libby Rd. NE Olympia WA. 98506

Throughout the year City Gates delivers food to people who do not have the means to get to the food bank. The elderly, disabled, and those who live outside the bus line or do not have vehicles. City Gates will supply the contact information; name address, and circumstance and food – provision needed for each delivery. The objective is to deliver the provision and pray for those receiving.

  • Runs weekly throughout  the year.
  • Drivers are notified when a delivery is needed
  • Food delivery assistance is based on individual circumstances
  • Delivery schedules are based on calls coming in.
  • Flexibility is required

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