A Bit O’ History: Lacey

Isn’t it wonderful to learn about the rich history of where we live? What happened years ago? What stories have lasted through the test of time?

Lacey, Washington originally was known as Woodland, after pioneer and settler Isaac Wood. Wood founded the area’s first brewery in Washington, The Union Brewery, known for it’s creamy lager.

The first school was built in 1853 near the Pioneer Cemetery.

In 1891, Woodland saw that it needed a post office but was denied due to it’s name. There was already a post office that went by that name so “Lacey” became the new name! No one really knows where the name originated, but there is speculation that the Justice of the Peace Chester Lacey may have been involved.

Lacey has a such a rich history. The City of Lacey website has tons of interesting facts and stories about this city’s past. Click here to check it out. Also, visit the free Lacey Museum, located on Lacey St. SE.

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